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Sustainability at Tredwells

As a global issue, sustainability has many different facets and avenues. Here at Tredwells, we’ve chosen to focus on the three most pertinent to us: people, planet and produce. We believe in respecting all of these wonderful things and are constantly striving to improve how we do things each and every day.

Our menu champions seasonal British produce; plants and animals alike. We choose to focus on biodiverse ingredients, such as pulses and grains from Hodemedod, and less popular cuts of meat that farmers & butchers find harder to sell. We’re also showcasing plant-based options that are as delicious as their carnivorous counterparts.

We support the small producers and only work with those we trust. We have made a commitment to use only sustainable fish and seafood, and are working with a range of suppliers to achieve these goals.

Our outputs, in terms of rubbish, carbon emissions and energy, are another area of focus, as is single use plastic. Our goal is to have an entire ban – we just need to figure out the alternatives that work.

As a restaurant, we rely wholly on the supply of food. Given food has one of the biggest impacts on climate change, we feel we have a responsibility to work out how we can minimise our impact.

Our commitment is solid, and whilst each day brings new challenges, we are excited to keep innovating and creating, contributing to a sustainable and delicious future.

In January 2021, Tredwells was awarded a green Michelin star for its commitment to sustainability.